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Atlas Reactor Deploys a New Hotfix

Atlas Reactor is going to receive a new hotfix, fixing some issues that appeared. This hotfix was deployed today. Atlas Reactor is a free to play game, where friends enjoy playing it together. Despite the fact that it comes for free, the devs are just pushing new updates whenever needed.

Atlas Reactor Hotfix

We’re talking about a small hotfix that should get rid of some buggy systems that were causing bad playing experience.

Atlas Reactor Hotfix 5/11/17

You can find the full changelog below:

  • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving their Freelancer token after completing their first 10 games. These players will receive a token on their next login.
  • Fixed an issue where GG boosts were causing the XP bar to appear to give more XP than was actually given.
  • Fixed some text issues in the Seasons List.
  • Fixed some localization errors in stats.
  • Season 2 Contender titles will start being awarded today.

As we know, Atlas Reactor keeps on growing since the release of the game, knowing that it can be quite enjoying when played with friends. You might want to bring your friends in the game and try it on your own.

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