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Atlas Reactor Patch 05.09.2017

Atlas Reactor just got a new patch today 05.09.2017. Due to this update, the servers will go down for 30 minutes, starting at 7:50 AM PST.

This patch brings changes to Season 3, adds a new map, Catalysts and a new Freelancer named Meridian. Also, the Extraction comes back for chapter 1.

atlas reactor patch 05.09.2017

There a lot of changes and improvements to the game, so keep on reading and find out more.

Atlas Reactor Patch Notes 05.09.2017

Here is the list of full patch notes.

Season 3:

  • Much to Helio’s dismay, a brand new Trust has taken up residence in Atlas. Hyperbotics, a collective that fuses the remnants for Warbotics with the resources of the former Hyperion empire, has arrived.
  • Season 3 has begun.
  • New skins are available for Kaigin, Phaedra, Su-Ren, Blackburn, Rask, Oz, and Rampart. Earn them through special Warforged Loot Matrices.
  • New skins will be available for ISO after the chapter has ended.
  • Earn a “Salty” Overcon just for logging in during the event!

Meridian, the Herald of Hyperion – A new Freelancer:

  • Whispers of the “miracle maker from Hyperion” preceded Meridian’s arrival in Atlas.
  • He is a melee support that wields a giant hammer and is built to defend his allies with the light of Hyperion.
  • His presence inspired immediate loyalty from a number of Freelancers – Brynn in particular. He’s also been seen frequently at Zuki’s Flying Junkyard, which has created much gossip over whether or not he’s had any work done. (For the record, when asked, the prideful automaton insists he’s 100% original).
  • NOTE: his Golden Age skin and Master skin are coming soon! They were delayed due to the last minute issue.


  • The game mode for chapter 1 is Extraction!
  • Get the case to your extraction zone and reap the rewards.

Hyperforge – A new map:

  • Wage war in a hi-tech armor where the open battleground and generous camouflage make for tense, wide-ranging skirmishes.
  • Hyperforge has the first ever rotating power-up. Each time it is picked up it will spawn as a different power up the next time (on a specific cycle, it is not random).
  • All game modes are supported on Hyperforge.

New Catalysts:

  • Critical Shot – One of the perfect ones. It remains as it was.
  • Brain Juice – has moved to Prep and now reduces cooldowns by one.
  • Second Wind – Has moved to Prep and now heals for 30 over 3 turns.
  • Regenergy – Give energize for the turn. Particularly interesting in quick ult builds.
  • Shift – The 2nd perfect one. It remains as it was.
  • Fetter – Now does 10 direct damage in addition to rooting.
  • Fade – The final perfect one. It remains as it was.
  • Regroup – Teleport a long distance to an ally.
  • Additionally, all shift catas will display their icon on the ground when used, to make it more clear what each player has used.
  • Probe – Gives vision in an area for 2 turns and can see through camouflage.
  • Echo Boost – Increases the duration of buffs on you for 1 turn. Rampart tested, Blackburn approved.
  • Adrenaline – Gain unstoppable until the end of the turn.
  • Chronosurge – Slow all nearby enemies and gain haste.


  • Changes under the hood to reconnecting.
  • Disconnects should be less frequent, as we now auto-reconnect you if your connection suffers a small drop in activity.
  • Fixed a few general reconnect bugs.
  • AI Bot improvements.
  • Bots had a number of improvements, including:
  • Quark will no longer use crit shot on the same turn he ults.
  • Ranged freelancers now prefer cover positions.
  • They will now prefer to shift into a brush.
  • Ranged freelancers with high health will needlessly dash less.
  • Bots will consider if a square is occupied when shifting.
  • Bots will be less likely to dash if already in cover.
  • Helio is smarter about using his shield on allies.

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