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Visor Quake Champions

Bethesda’s Quake Champions: Visor Champion Trailer

Bethesda has just launched a new Quake Champions Trailer featuring a new champion, Visor. Visor has made his debut in Quake 3 Arena, coming back for more in Quake Champions.

Visor Champion Trailer

Having a cool active ability, Piercing Sight, Visor can see through all matter allowing him to know the enemy’s positioning. Tracking Nyx after she activates Ghost Walk is also possible. A legit wallhack is what everyone’s going to say. Below you can see Visor’s Piercing Sight in action.

Visor’s passive ability, Grasshopper, can continuously give him speed while he’s strafe-jumping without any cap. If you have the skill, you can keep up with anyone. When paired with Piercing Sight, this is a really good combo.

You can see the trailer down below:

However, can you feel the HYPE? We honestly can’t wait for the massive Tech Test! Oh, are you interested too? Then you might want to keep on reading down below!

You know, dust rises behind a good horse… that’s what we have over here. Quake Champions is going to launch a massive Tech Test from May 12 to May 21, leaving it open for anyone who wants to hop in. If you’re also interested in joining the Tech Test, just go to Quake.com and grab your free key. After that, redeem it and download the launcher, getting yourself prepared for May 12.

Quake Champions is going to be such an amazing First Person Shooter game! Bethesda, you better not disappoint us!



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