It’s Better for Quake Champions not to fail like Dishonored 2 On PC

At the moment Quake Champions feels like a good product before its release. We all know that its current state it’s in Technical Test which allows the developers get the needed feedback from the players regarding bugs and game optimization that should be done. Bethesda is on the right track for now, hopefully, it will remain the same.

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From my personal experience, Quake Champions is a game where every single human on this planet enjoys playing it, especially if he’s in a need of adrenaline. “Quake Champions” is pretty much the game that will pump the adrenaline in you like never before.

Now, the fact that we’re talking about Bethesda and we see that a lot of people are still complaining about Dishonored 2 and the countless negative feedback the game is receiving, it’s all comes down to one question. Will it be the same with Quake Champions? Let’s hope not. Quake Champions is really enjoying, however it has some optimization issues, at least for now on the technical version.

From our own experience, after having the game launched and playing for 2-3 hours constantly without rebooting it, feels like the game starts to choke. This issue is fixed simply by restarting the game. However, this should not be happening when the full release comes out. Quake Champions is a really nice fast pace FPS game and I am pretty sure that everyone who understands and played the Quake series before enjoys it!

Quake Champions Game Modes

Now, Quake Champions have its own traditional game modes like Deathmatch (where the adrenaline pumps), Team Deathmatch and Duel game modes, while also received a new game mode called Sacrifice. As we can see at the Matchmaking overlay, there are going to be two more game modes coming in Quake Champions.

Talking about the in-game characters, there will be much more to come, knowing that there were more in the series before. After Visor has come to life, who’s going to be next? We’re pretty much sure that Bethesda have their own plans on making this game the most wanted game amongst the adrenaline junkies.

Sadly or not, Quake Champions will only be available on the PC platform.

We just hope that Bethesda are not going to fail to accomplish their mission. Also, we truly hope that the game will be launched very soon because we’re also adrenaline junkies and we love every single bit of Quake Champions.

At last, let us just remind you that Quake Champions Technical Test or the Beta is still up and running until 21st of May. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can get your free code on this link: https://quake.bethesda.net/en/signup.

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