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Blitzkrieg 3: Global Wipe To Everyone’s Progress As The Game Leaves The Early Access Phase

Just as the title says, everyone’s progress will be reset as the game heads out of the Early Access phase, becoming a full and stable game which can be found on Steam. Blitzkrieg 3 was a beloved game of many people, which are now reconsidering on restarting the already experienced path all over again.

Blitzkrieg 3 Leaves Early Access Phase

Nival have been pretty much talking about this global reset over the past years, that one day it will eventually happen. This day has finally come as all the Blitzkrieg 3 players are feeling sad because of this global reset.

The good part in all of this is that Blitzkrieg 3 is no longer an “in-development” online massively multiplayer strategy based game because her Early Access status is finally over. Sadly or not, players will need to redo what already has been done before.

Blitzkrieg 3’s Global Wipe will happen on 1st of June

That being said, during Blitzkrieg’s Early Access phase, this project has changed dramatically. Listening to all the feedback and contributing according to that, there are added more than 60 missions and 90 vehicle models, around 70 new maps and 3 full-scale campaigns, including new game modes and a tutorial. This global wipe should lead all the players to experiencing all the new innovations and enjoying the 3 campaigns and their integrity.

It’s time for a new page and as there have been some ups and downs, the players should keep their look forward and never look back.



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