Blitzkrieg 3 Technical Patch No.3 is Out

Blitzkrieg 3 focus on improving the game by releasing a technical patch no.3. This patch fixes some technical issues and also adds some in-game changes. The new patch 3.0 has been announced on their official steam page, featuring a lot of changes.

Blitzkrieg 3

Some of the changes are that players will now be able to transfer units from reserve to assault group by using a single mouse click while preparing to battle. Also, you can cancel your reinforcements call, just click on the unit which is on the way already and it won’t arrive on the battlefield. It’s not just that, there are indeed more changes that are about to come. You can preview them down below.

Also, the game session has been optimized. Buildings are shown correctly while the fog is present. Speaking about sound effects, a new sound is added connected to the usage of commands on the command panel.

Blitzkrieg 3, Addressed Technical Issues

Below, you can see the addressed technical issues:

  • Fixed the matchmaking issue which made a player who reached 3rd era who played through the Frontline on 1st era fight an opponent on 3rd era maps with 3rd era units. Now you will fight on 1st era 🙂
  • Now Research Points are given for victories in AI’s base defence (When you are offline, AI is defending your Base. If it had it success and the attacker failed, you will receive Research Points!).
  • Fixed the display of arrows in the Workshop screen.
  • Fixed the pop-ups with text descriptions of avia-supports on the globe and in battles.
  • 3 era USSR anti-aircraft fortification is displayed correctly now.
  • Fixed a bug because of which the log of events from the Base went into missions and multiplayer.
  • Removed the timer from the modes “Skirmish 2х2” and “Skirmish 3х3”.

Blitzkrieg 3 will probably just keep on releasing new updates as it seems that all of the players are really satisfied. It’s always good to have a nice and satisfied community!

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