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Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Will Stop Receiving Weekly Patch Updates

We’ve just heard that Funcom is going to pause the weekly Patch updates for Conan Exiles. The only reason for this is improving the patch release, instead of releasing a fail patch. This will give the devs a bit more time on optimizing their scheduled updates. It’s really said that Conan Exiles will stop receiving weekly patch updates.

Conan Exiles

This was announced before a couple of minutes on their steam page, explaining that increasing the quality of the patches is a lot more important than releasing a patch that is going to result in a fail.

This decision has been made based on a community feedback. I guess you cannot say “hop” before you jump off the ground. The same happened over here. What is certain is that the developers will surely release a lot better and much more optimized patch updates than before. Testing out a release before being deployed is something that every company should be doing.

However, Conan Exiles is going to receive a patch within the next week. That patch is going to include new content and additional exploit and bug fixes. They’ve also said that they are going to add lots of new placeables, stopping it right there without revealing any other information.

Hopefully, this will help Conan Exiles finally get rid of all the bugs and exploits in the game. I guess that all of the players will have to survive one more week in the game playing through the hard exploits and bugs that can be found right now. We also guess that the waiting will finally pay out by releasing an awesome new content and fixes. Just as they are planned to come within the next patch update, scheduled to come over the next week.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. What do you think about this change? Good or bad?



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