The Division 1.6.1 Is Scheduled to Come Next Week

After a long testing on the Public Test Server, the Division 1.6.1 update is ready to come on the live servers. There are no patch notes officially published, but overall you know what you’ll be getting when the update comes to live.

The Division State of the Game

To be more precise the patch will come on Tuesday, May 23. As you know and as we stated before, there’s going to be a new ETF Charlie, gathering 12 gamers from The Division community over the next week that are going to be guests at Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle. The main goal and focus are improving are the 1.7 and 1.8 updates, hosting discussions about the gameplay and possible improvement around it.

The full 1.6.1 patch notes are going to be published on Monday, 23. However, you already know about the loadouts and different balance and bug fixes which are going to be awesome. Let’s not forget the Macro usage fix, which is not going to be forbidden by nature.

In the past, we’ve made a full article about the changes within 1.6.1, so you might want to check that out too.

If you are eager to find out the full 1.6.1 patch notes on your own, make sure you tune on Ubisoft’s official forums on Monday next week. If you’re lazy to do that, do not worry, we’ll do it for you as soon as they are being published. We’ll update this article with all the changes.

The Division Update 1.6.1 is probably going to be the best ever. Getting rid of all the Macro users is one way to go, which is pretty much going to calm down every other normal player. Also, getting rid of the Seeker Mine builds will be another way to success.

Tell us your thoughts about this update in the comments down below. Do you think it will help The Division gather more agents?


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