The Division: Feelsgoodman, The New Loadouts Feature is just Awesome!

After the long-awaited update came to live, it was our duty to hop in the game and try out the new loadouts feature and all the other new stuff. The Division had some ups and downs for sure, which made Ubisoft and Massive actually understand what the players truly want. Everyone at Massive must have felt really good for releasing such a great update, including the most important “The Division’s Loadouts feature.”

The Division's Loadouts feature

Feel The Division’s Loadouts Feature and its awesomeness!

I wouldn’t prefer on speaking about anything else because this new feature is truly what every single player needs! Instead of creating two or more characters to equip your favorite piece of gear, you can get up to six different gear sets and equip them on one character. Check it out below!

Feelsgoodman, right? I had two characters running the 2 most favorite gear sets, while I had 2 less important Gear Sets keeping them in the stash, equipping them only when needed. But, that’s not it! Do you know what’s the best in this update?

You’ll no longer need to equip different gear mods or weapon mods!

Yep, you’ve just heard it and it’s true! I was hoping for this to work, and it is indeed. Now, I can run my best mods with Health attribute, despite the importance of the main attribute. After all, Health is what we all want, right? As you can see above in the gif, I have equipped our Striker’s build, Alphabridge Build, Firecrest (not that favored), and the last and best-fitting for me, the Sentry Build.

Equipping the same mods

It’s just good to have everything packed and stacked in one place. So, if you’re planning on equipping the same mods on different loadouts, make sure you save your loadout before you go to the next one. Then, unequip the mods from the previous loadout and equip them on the other build and save that one in a new slot. Then, just repeat. In that order, you won’t need to change everything and you can finally get rid of some unneeded mods.

Do not be scared, you won’t lose anything if you do this. It has already been tried out by us and everything’s just fine.

Renaming each of the loadouts

This is just another fancy addition to the loadouts feature, picking up the right set. Otherwise, the default naming is Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc… Well, thanks to the naming possibility, you can know what kind of Gear Set you’ve got equipped on your loadout. Isn’t this just awesome? Massive did develop an amazing update! Wait until you try out the Last Stand gameplay, for which I am so Hyped!

You can rename your gear into one of these names:

  1. Alphabridge
  2. Assault
  3. Banshee
  4. D3-FNC
  5. Dark Zone
  6. DeadEye
  7. DPS
  8. Exotic
  9. Final Measure
  10. Firecrest
  11. High-End
  12. Hunter
  13. Hybrid
  14. Incursion
  15. Last Stand
  16. Lone Star
  17. Marksman
  18. Medic
  19. Nomad
  20. Predator
  21. PvE
  22. PvP
  23. Reclaimer
  24. Rusher
  25. Sentry’s Call
  26. Skill Power
  27. Solo
  28. Striker
  29. Support
  30. Tactician
  31. Tank
  32. Toughness
  33. Trial
  34. Underground

I still cannot find any custom naming option, which means we’re pretty much stuck to these. Well, there are 34 custom names to apply on the loadouts, which is not bad at all and I doubt it would’ve changed anything. So, we’re cool!

You won’t fail at picking your right Gear Set before you jump in the Last Stand, instead, you can change it while in the game. You don’t feel comfortable in-game? Just pop another Loadout. Simple as that!


The 1.6.1 Update is the best Ever, confirmed! We’re pretty sure we’re gonna get stuck today in The Division, even if yesterday I got professionally stuck into a box (see gif below) while doing the first Incursion of the day, Falcon Lost. I am not mad anymore!

Whatever… Let’s just not spoil the 1.6.1 momentum. You’ve got to give this game another chance man, it’s just……… it’s The Division! Whether there are hackers, bugs or not, you’ll just forget everything as soon as you gather your team together and start slamming Rogue Agents or kick some ass in the Last Stand.

Now it’s time for you Agents to give an honest answer down below. What is your thought on this update? We honestly think that this update is going to stop The Division unsuccessfulness it had in the past. Starting from now everything should start heading the right way. Massive and Ubisoft are surely gonna improve this game even more because it’s certain that after almost year and a half, they have a full picture of what’s going on and what the players actually want to see.

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