The Division Year 2 Content Confirmed by ETF Charlie Members

After the ETF Charlie workshop is finished, we can now breathe slowly and wait for the new and upcoming content. Oh yes, they’ve also got their hands on the new content and they’ve confirmed that the game will grow bigger and much more interesting than before.

Well, knowing that the next The Division content will come for free this summer, all its lovers will get the needed info as the time goes on. The new free content will come within the 1.7 and 1.8 update.

This was recently published on Reddit by an ETF Charlie attendant who actually got his hands involved and tried the new content. They ETF Charlie team did enjoy playing the new content as Morganamp confirmed on a Reddit’s thread.

Hey guys and gals. I wanted to drop a quick note just to say that I have seen and played some of the new content that will be delivered for free in the next two patches and it is awesome.

You feel the fingerprints of the community all throughout what is being developed. The Devs are listening and reacting and it’s glorious.

As much as the year one celebration stream was a kick in the nuts for me this feels like a warm hug and a good meal.

Tomorrow is our last day with the team and it has been set aside for us to set the topics of discussion.

So I’m asking how I can be your voice. Please be constructive. I know that there are issues with bugs that are being addressed by the team already. What I need are more big picture ideas and concepts. The things that you think are most important for the future of this game.

After his Edit on this thread, he also said that the devs are surely reading everything on Reddit and your voices are being heard.

Holy c*** guys! This is great including the salt. It just shows how passionate this community is about this game.

I’m having coffee going through the posts consolidating suggestions for today’s discussions.

I want you all to know that the devs are reading everything here. Your voices are being heard.

Another ETF Charlie Member confirmed the same, explaining that The Division is far from dead and neglected what everyone else is saying related to that. Sharing his experience by working with a lot of human beings from different development studios that work on the Division, he explained that the aim to bring even more to The Division.

He also confirms that they’ve had the privilege to play the Year 2 content.

Year 2 Content will rock

Well, get ready ladies and gentleman, because The Division is about to grow even bigger. Even if we do not know what exactly is going to happen, this new expansion is not hidden behind a paycheck, which pretty much means it will come totally for free. Now, whether you like it or not, it seems like The Division is about to grow bigger. Enjoying themselves at Ubisoft Reflections, they definitely worked hard in trying to develop the best upcoming content for The Division.

As we said before, a new Gear Score increase might come to live, but it’s still something that the devs are thinking of, leaving it unconfirmed.

Imagine if they manage to build a new game from the very bottom leaving all those encountered glitches behind. I am pretty sure that’s about to come in a year.

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