Dota 2: The International Battle Pass has Arrived

The long awaited The International Battle Pass has just arrived in Dota 2. This battle pass will offer exclusive features, an all-new multiplayer campaign, and rewards too. As Valve stated, this Battle pass will make you swim in treasures as you go through his timeline. There’s a big International season to come, heading towards the biggest tournament of the year.

Battle Pass 2017

As every year before, 25% of this year’s Battle Pass will go directly to The International 2017 prize pool. Every single Dota 2 player is probably eager to see what kind of content will this Battle pass bring.

One of the most exciting content is the new Dota 2 Multiplayer campaign, Siltbreaker. All battle pass owners will go on a cooperative adventure into the blackest depths of Dark Reef. The Siltbreaker will be available to play later this month. There will be new lands to discover within the different Acts. Your success will be turned into a reward. What kind of reward you ask? Desert Baby Roshan, which is considered as an Extremely rare reward.

Team Quests, Prestige Towers, Battle Point Tribute, Queue Trivia, Favorite team (Fantasy Player Cards), new Relics, and ton of other features.

Dota 2 Battle Pass: Rank Double Down

The next exciting fact is that this Battle Pass will differ from the previous ones. Last year’s battle pass we had a chance to swap MMR. This year’s Battle pass offers something else. We are going to have the opportunity to double down on the MMR. Will you do it? Once per week, players will get the chance to Double their MMR by winning a match. EZ 50 you say? Well, be careful because those +50 can turn into -50 points.

The chance for entering the Double Down increases to 2 and 3 per week, as you get higher Battle Pass level. At 255 you get two chances per week, and at 395 you get three.

That being said, it seems like this Dota 2 Battle Pass is better than the years before, just as expected. Players can enjoy their campaign mode by going on a mission with their friends while also gambling their MMR off. For more detailed info, do not forget to visit the official “The International Battle Pass” website.

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