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IO Arcana

Dota 2: IO Will Receive its Arcana Without Competing The Vote

Finally, while years before people that love IO were trying and mobilizing people to vote for IO to get its own arcana during a compendium vote, now, IO will get its arcana without the need of competing the other heroes on the vote screen.

IO Arcana

This announcement left all the players both speechless and happy, knowing that IO will get the needed love. IO was on the voting list 2 compendiums in a row without having a chance to win. The closest chance that IO had was last year when IO made it to the finals and sadly, lost.

Well, this year, IO will get its arcana without even competing against others, all you need to do is get compendium level 245 and IO Companion Cube will be yours, including all the animations, effects and sounds. It looks really nice

We must say that it looks really nice. The 4 side hearted cube, the animation of spinning just like a Rubik’s cube, it’s just awesome. It comes good for all the girls that actually enjoy playing the support role in Dota 2. At this point, I really cannot see if someone doesn’t like the Benevolent Companion in his inventory.

However, let’s just remind you that this item will never be tradable or purchasable on the marketplace, which means that this is your only chance to get the IO arcana. A lot of people were voting for IO during previous years, now, there’s your chance of getting the Arcana.

Below, you can preview IO’s arcana animations.

Would you like to have this arcana under your belt? Grab Compendium level 245 and it’s all yours!



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