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Friday the 13th Gets its First Improvement Patch Fixing Some Already Known Issues

After encountering a couple of bugs and issues within Friday the 13th, the game now received a patch that should address and fix some of them. In order to get the last patch up and running, you just need to restart the game, for which we assume you’ve already done it.

Friday the 13th Gets its First Improvement Patch

This patch BUILD 2686 fixes the most immediate issues. Recently, players that were rolling some of the perks are finding themselves disconnected without any opportunity to relog. That is happening because of a backend issue for servers. The devs and it’s going to take a longer time knowing that they should do this one at a time because it’s separately related per account.

Caution: Do not roll for random perks.

Friday the 13th is booming out in the horror gaming world, making all its lovers enjoy it truly.

Knowing that the Quick Match queue lasted a bit longer than usual, that’s been addressed too, letting players find a match faster and more efficient than before. Below you can see the fully detailed patch notes.

Friday the 13th Build 2686 Patch Notes


  • Numerous optimizations to Quick Play: Search less, be discovered more; request a smaller sample size when searching to ping fewer results, so the scan to join turn-around is quicker. Will reduce contention issues.
  • EasyAntiCheat now verifies content has not been tampered with to prevent content modification cheating methods.
  • Reduced the amount of time the QuickPlay lobby timer “bumps” when someone connects or joins to 30s instead of 90 and 45s respectively.
  • Drop the lobby timer to 30s instead of 60s when it gets full.


  • Fixed party members not always following their leader when matchmaking into dedicated servers.
  • Fixed a matchmaking slicing issue causing potentially good servers to be ignored/discarded.
  • Fixed a UE4 bug with causing the game to freeze when unplugging headphones.
  • Fixed Push To Talk not turning off when a gamepad is in use instead of a KB/mouse.
  • Fixed the idle timer not properly bumping while spectating. Also bumping it before spawning as Tommy to fix a potential idle kick when that happens.
  • Fixed some foot sliding when using the flare gun or shotgun.
  • Disabled VR plugins to fix dialogs prompting to use them.
  • Fixed players getting the Public Health achievement for healing themselves.
  • Fixed stats that are not associated with a leaderboard not always updating on Steam.
  • Fixed a permanent black screen on systems that do not support the intro videos correctly. Working on finding out why that occurs on some systems, newer UE4 feature.
  • Fixed the intro/outro videos not being sound grouped. Effects volume now affects them.
  • Fixed several dedicated and listen server specific crashes.

This game is really enjoyable when played with friends, which also gives you a big advantage in surviving and getting away from the cold-blooded Jason.

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