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Friday the 13th Hacks Are Already Deployed [Update: This Appears To Be A Glitch]

Recently on Admiralbulldog’s stream, there was a cheater enjoying Friday the 13th, while spoiling the game for the others and also Jason. It seems like this hack is related to some kind of Stamina Hack, making the survivor run while crouching, therefore not consuming any Stamina.

It feels like the hack is not that harmful since we’re talking about a Stamina hack, and not about a teleport hack or something similar. However, this is a point where the developers need to take actions.

Hopefully, the underground development will stay at this level without improving the hacks anymore. You can see the cheater and the type of hack he’s using in the video below:

Looking at the bright side, this game includes a good Anti-Cheat, EasyAntiCheat for which we’re pretty sure it will be effective against all the players with bad intention.



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