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Gloria Victis World Expansion

Gloria Victis World Expansion is Now Applied

Black Eye Games have announced that the world expansion is finally applied to Gloria Victis. The game will receive more than 50% to the available lands and new areas that offer a lot of variety. They are indeed breathtaking.

Gloria Victis World Expansion

This update comes right before the next month’s scheduled battle update. Everyone is eager for more content, and that’s what you’ll get. The journey should lead you to massive mountain strongholds and smaller houses in the wilderness. Knowing that each location is going welcome you with something unique. Fort built on top of a massive bridge, town on a lake island or a mountain castle.

The team at Black Eye Games is still working on the next combat update, which is scheduled to come next month. The Devs are still finishing down the animations and synchronization, as well as the controller support. Also, the quest systems are going to be introduced in some of the upcoming updates and everyone’s just eager to see what’s going to be introduced.

As announced by Black Eye Games, this Gloria Victis Update or Steam patch 59 should deliver some great experience to its players.

You can see the full patch notes down below:

  • Applied the world expansion, adding more than 50% to the available lands including mountains, lakes, grasslands, hunting areas and a lot of minor points of interest
  • Added 4 new settlements which can be captured and developed by players
  • Added a lot of precious resources to gather and NPC enemies to defeat on the new lands
  • Added new NPC enemies on the new lands
  • Introduced the first version of a new map system allowing you to zoom and move the map, it also uses high quality renders of the in-game world which will greatly help you when exploring
  • Fixed an issue allowing dead players to send trade requests
  • Fixed an issue causing that receiving a trade request was preventing a player from performing attacks

Gloria Victis is about to become a really enjoyable game thanks to the map updates and new content and animations. Let’s keep it simple, one of the best



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