Helpful Tips For Caligula Effect On PS Vita

The Caligula Effect is an RPG developed by Aquria for PS Vita. The game was first released in Japan, and starting from today, the US and European region will have a chance to try it as well.

It is now available to purchase as a bundle for $39.99. The bundle includes the game, 19 avatars, PS Vita themes and a swimsuit costume DLC pack.

tips caligula effect

Upon its release, The Caligula Effect didn’t receive great reviews, but let’s hope the devs will make some changes and improvements to the game.

For now, let’s just stick to the topic. I’ve played the game on PS Vita and it looks ok for me. During the gameplay, I’ve encountered enemies, tried to eliminate them and finish the game. To make it easier for you, I have some very useful tips and tricks on how to master The Caligula Effect, and you can see them below.

First, try to avoid enemies as much as possible. You can do that by staying next to the walls of the dungeons. This will help you to get back on track.

Next, utilize the Perception Effect. Digihead cluster is hard to avoid, so try to attack one enemy at a time. So, when you approach a cluster, press X to get the attention only of one enemy. The Perception Effect is very useful when dealing with a blockade. Also, if you use it successfully, it can be a great preemptive strike.

Increase your Affinity with the progress of the storyline. So listen what the character is saying.

Utilize the game chat room and get help from Wire. There you’ll get some very useful tips on how to fight the enemies.

Observe the green world wonders. This will grant you points that can be used to learn powerful skills.

Try to enter the World Reward. I know it’s very difficult to finish the tasks, but with the help from your friends you can find and earn some great loot in the hidden areas in Mobius.

An easier way to solve a Trauma Quests is to collect as many Stigma you can. There are 3 types, Manifestos, Core Beliefs and Traumatic Memories. Each of them gives you a chance to improve your special skills.

Each time you solve a Trauma Quest, you will get a powerful skill. Find them on Causality Link window. Utilizing this will guide you through the trophy Quest.

Recruit powerful friends. Invite 500 NPCs, use items with the “Charm” stat and speed up you Affinity.

Dash through battles. Don’t go offensive in all battles. Try for an evasive style. this will grant you a 1 turn Defeat reward. So exploit Dash on the Affection Effect skill and complete the Chain Bind.

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