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Heroes of the Storm: D.Va Spotlight

D.Va is available for play on Heroes of the Storm PTR. Today’s update has brought D.Va to HotS Public Test Realm, meaning it will join the live servers too!

D.Va Spotlight

Below, you can see D.Va’s spotlight which has been published today on Heroes of the Storm official youtube channel. Owning a Trait with two states, Mech mode, and Pilot mode, D.Va is a new challenge to learn. Judging from the PTR, D.Va is going to bring some new meta in Heroes of the Storm.

She has such a devastating abilities that may deal a lot of damage. D.Va can easily initiate or get out of a tough positioning if found to be in a dangerous area. For more detailed abilities, you can watch the video below. As always, Blizzard is doing an amazing job when it comes down to Heroes Spotlight, explaining every single bit of situation and ability.

Knowing D.Va is a hardcore gamer, would you join her in the Nexus?



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