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HotS: E.T.C. Build Guide – Let’s Rock!

Creating guides is a true passion of ours and it has always been really challenging to develop the best guides we ever can! Playing Heroes of the Storm and E.T.C. is really joyful. Just to remind you, E.T.C. is a Melee Warrior that can easily set up the needed play and split the enemy team off. Well, in order to be able to do that, we have some tips for you ready to go! Just as in every other HotS guide we’ve made, it will include which particular talents to use too.

E.T.C. Build Guide

However, this guide is more about being a playmaker instead of everything else. Playing E.T.C. is really easy and understandable, so you can use your every ability to get the maximum outcome throughout a fight. Easy to understand, easy to win, let’s rock!

E.T.C. Build Guide – Talents

1 Block Party

Block Party

4 Loud Speakers

Loud Speakers

7 Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

10 Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit

13 Face Smelt

Face Smelt

16 Imposing Presence

Imposing Presence

20 Tour Bus or Death Metal or Storm Shield

Tour Bus    Death Metal Storm Shield

Now it’s time to explain why do we love using these talents.

E.T.C. Talents Explanation

First of all, as you can see we prefer to go and stay with the Face Melt build. At the beginning, we are empowering the E.T.C.’s Face Melt ability. We are doing that according to our playstyle. As we’ve said above, we prefer to play E.T.C as a playmaker, creating such a beautiful situations for our teammates. All they need to do is just finish the job. That’s what E.T.C. is awesome at!

It feels like after getting the Loud Speakers, you can easy set up kills for your team. Getting a bigger Face Melt range and also damage is very nice.

Picking the right Heroic

Now, even though some players love to go for Stage Dive, we prefer using Mosh Pit. Knowing that we are aiming for the Playmaker role, having Mosh Pit is a lot better. Mosh Pit can sometimes save your team as a whole or can turn the fight around. Because it stuns the enemies for 4 seconds, it’s simply a must!

This E.T.C. build guide is all about the creativity you have. If you don’t, you better start to work on it.

Now, when strains are pulling the mid game, it’s always nice to get the Face Smelt. Enemies are tankier, can tank through a bit more… so with the Face Smelt talent, you should be able to slow things down. Even if you split their team on two sides. That’s the best scenario you want.

If your team gets caught, then there’s your Imposing Presence. Seemingly useless, but note its cooldown is 20 seconds. That’s what we call a value! You cannot miss that.

As for the last talent, it’s all up to you. From the 3 picked talents above, you have to choose one according to the game itself. You’re E.T.C. and you must not forget that you are the real playmaker. It’s all around you. So because of that, make sure you pick the best talent ever.

We honestly hope that this E.T.C. build guide will help you a lot! These talents are made based on our own opinion. Do not worry, we play the game even more than you do. After you try these talents, please come back and leave your comments down below!

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