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HotS: Varian Build Guide – Fall Before the King!

We know that Varian is a melee multiclass hero and he’s able to choose its path between a Warrior or an Assassin. This time, we’re going to speak about the Warrior build, a true tank that may bring the real power in HotS. Saving teammates by going on the front lines and soaking as much damage as he can is one of the ways to play with Varian. That’s why we’re making this build, in order to get the maximum effect when playing Varian. This Varian’s build is going to be constructed for better tanking.

Varian Build Guide

Enough said. It’s time to preview the talents first and then as always, explain why we’re using those talents.

Varian Tank Build Guide


1 Overpower


4 Shield Wall

Shield Wall

7 Live by the Sword

Live by the Sword

10 Taunt


13 Juggernaut or Mortal Strike

Juggernaut     Mortal Strike

16 Banner of Ironforge or Banner of Dalaran

Banner of Ironforge     Banner of Dalaran

20 Vigilance or Glory to the Alliance or Demoralizing Shout

Vigilance     Glory to the AllianceDemoralizing Shout

Varian Tank Build Explanation

At the first three talents, we choose to empower Varian’s Parry as it is one of the most valuable abilities when you’re playing the tank role. The Parry ability will be your best friend later in the game, as you’ll be able to soak a lot of damage and maybe survive throughout the fight, while your teammates will take care and finish the leftovers, more precisely, take care of the enemy team.

While the fight is ongoing, Varian can easily use his Heroic Ability, Taunt and duel the most needed Hero, providing a successful lockdown for 1.25 seconds. While Taunt is active, you’ll also receive a Health boost aswell as Armor boost too. This is just another reason why Varian feels really strong when played as a tank.

Now, moving forward, we need to decide whether we’ll take the Juggernaut or Mortal Strike talent, so we can get the maximum out of the build. This is something what you should determine on your own. Whether is that going to be the first or the second one, we’re convinced that Varian will still do good on his own. But if there are a lot of tanks on their team, we suggest to go with Juggernaut. If not, take Mortal Strike as it is always good.

Picking the right Banner and finishing the build successfully

Now, when it comes down to picking the right banner, do not bother yourself that much. Anything you’d go for needs to be alright. Most of the time, it’s good to go with Banner of Ironforge, but if the enemy team has too much spell power, you might want to reconsider and take Banner of Dalaran.

As the last talent, we have another similar situation where the in-game happenings should lead you to the right pick. This is what you should determine on your own and decide what to go with. Whether is that going to be the Vigilance, Glory to the Alliance or Demoralizing Shout, it should be according to the in-game fights. Most of the time, Glory to the Alliance is a good pick, but sometimes it might be better to pick some other level 20 talent.

That’s it, we’re done with this Varian Tank Build. Hopefully, this will help you improve your Varian’s playstyle and give you a winning streak in Heroes of the Storm.

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