Infestation: The New Z Gets New Update And New Content Tomorrow

Infestation: The New Z is getting a new patch tomorrow. This patch improves the gameplay and fixes several bugs that were reported by players. Also, the game gets new content, so keep on reading and get all necessary information.

Infestation The New Z

The patch will be active early in the morning, to be more accurate at 1100 UTC +2 on Tuesday Mau 30th.

This change represents our new transport system and the legend which shows us all the icons on the map and what they mean. Also, the cycle that was active before the PvP, night and day, is completely changed and now PvP servers will have only a day. For me, this change is unnecessary.

I, as a player of Infestation: The New Z, have never had any objections in this regard. Now, all modern games have these time changes, so why this game can not? However, is not mine to decide, there is someone who is working there and get paid for those things.

But for now to retain the title. I forgot to tell you that a new patch has a lot of changes, some of which are important, and some are unimportant changes in the game. I will only mention the significant changes, and any changes, you can go to the official site and check them out.

Next to address the solo servers. From now on, players will not be able to farm on solo servers. The reason is that they will be excluded from the game. Yes, it is true that the players are not so active on those servers, and are used only for farming, but we used to have fun out there and gather the necessary tools. But now, unfortunately, we will have to find another place to “hang out”.

With the new changes and updates, the players will now have two new media riot shields, the Riot Shield SgtNgo and Riot Shield Capixaba. In addition to this, previous issues on some items are now fixed.

The community is not pleased with some of these changes. Most of the players are not happy with some of the changes and they are saying that this new patch is not changing or bringing anything at all. We just have to wait and see what the developers have to say about this.

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