The Isle Patch Is Now Live

The Isle just got a new patch as announced by the developers on their official website. This is the second update for the game in the month of May 2017.This means that the devs are trying their best to improve the gameplay and

This means that the devs are trying their best to improve the gameplay in order to give better game experience to its players.

the isle patch

Today’s update brings a lot of changes and adjustment to The Isle. The most important adjustment is the dinosaurs stamina. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply for the Apex. Here is everything you need to know.

  • Dinosaur stamina is accounted for speed, weight mass, and overall drain/recovery.
  • Smaller dinosaurs, while slower than some apexes, can run for longer. This results in an overall further running distance than Apexes and some larger, bulkier dinosaurs. However, their regain is not as potent. This results in larger dinosaurs being able to track them over time with appropriate sprint/trot usage for stamina management.
  • Carno is now the definition of “I will run you down if I don’t lose sight of you” animal with stamina adjustments.

Also, there are a lot of bug fixes coming with this patch, so keep on reading and get the full patch notes.

  1. Fixes
  • Camarasaurus F call.
  • Minor Alignment Problem in Server List UI and Filter Options using the wrong background texture.
  • Physics on Orodromeus/Camarasaurus.
  • Utah idle playing sound EVERY SINGLE LOOP, RICHARD.
  • Allo bite socket being magically broken again.
  • Camarasaurus vocal wheel breaking.
  • Utahraptor stamina drain and damage.
  • Incorrect footprints on Camaro sprint animation.
  • A handful of missing Giga sounds.
  • Putera was still doing damage from the native attack code.
  • Trike doesn’t lose stamina when stomping.
  • Galli Attack not working properly.
  • Attack and Eating Problems with Shanty, Theri and Trike.

2. Add-ons

  • New Framework for Blacklisted Servers.
  • Appropriate sockets to Shantungosaurus.
  • Effects to Utahraptor pounce animations
  • Shanty sockets in the right place.
  • Effects to new drink + eat anims for Giganotosaurus, Velociraptor, juvenile T.Rex.
  • Effects to new eat + drink anims for Psittaco, Puerta &, Camara. That should be all of them for now.

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