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Mobile Legends Aurora Build Guide

The Queen of the North, Aurora has recently joined the MLBB family. She is a mage hero, with very high ability effects. As a Queen of the northern realm, she uses the power of frost to eliminate enemies. To make it even harder, I have a pretty good build guide and how to use her skills guide.

First thing first, her skills. As any other hero in MLBB, Aurora uses 4 skills to eliminate her enemies. One of them is her passive Pride of Ice. The best way is to stack up to 4 frost units. Basically, each attack will deal magic damage and after the 4th attack, casting a spell will freeze the enemies.

aurora build guide

One of her casters is Frost Shock. She launches a frost projectile at a specific direction, dealing magic damage. At the same time, she slows the enemies.

Her next skill, Bitter frost deals magic dmg and slows the enemies for 80%. At last, we have her ult, Coldness Destroy. Aurora will summon a huge frost crater at a specific location, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies.

So, here is how to use Aurora in battle. Stack up to 4 units, use her first skill, then second skill. This is for solo fighting. For team fight, use her ult first, this way the enemies will be slowed down. Immediately after, use her second skill. A perfect combination and a great support at the same time.

As for emblem, use the magic emblem set. Now comes the hard question, what ability is the best for Aurora. I’ll choose healing spell or assualt.

Many of you will ask, who is better? Eudora or Aurora? My vote goes for Aurora.

Aurora Build Guide – “Freeze or Else”

As a magic hero, Aurora prefers items from the magic group. So, here is the best build guide for Aurora.

  • Ice Frost – Grants 1k HP and increase physical attack. Also, there is a 30% chance that Aurora’s basic attack will slow enemies movement and attack speed.
  • Arcane Boots – A perfect item for a Mage hero.
  • Enchanted Talisman – Restores 20% for Aurora every 10 seconds.
  • Frost – If a skill deals damage to a target, the same target will be slowed down for an extra 15%.
  • Winter Truncheon – Adds magic power and armor. Getting this item, there is no need of a Defense item. If Aurora’s HP goes below 30% and she receives damage from an enemy, then the enemy’s movement speed will be reduced by 80%. At the same time, she can deal 50% of magic power as magic dmg.
  • Calamity Scythe or Glowing Wand – I will leave this one for you. My choice is the Calamity Scythe because after casting a spell, Aurora’s next attack will deal 150% magic damage. For the second item, well, it’s the scorch that is giving me a positive answer. Basically, hitting a target with a spell, Aurora will deal damage equal to 2%/2.5%/3% of target’s HP as magic dmg. They both work fine, so try them and let me know in comments below which one is better.

You now have the best build guide for Aurora. Following this setup, you will definitely make the opponents cry :). Hope you like it!

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