Operation Health Should be Always Running No Matter What

Rainbow Six Siege launched their Operation Health. At first look, everything seems to be the same. Well, if we take a closer look, there are still some hiccups. Players have noted some of them, and they are getting quite mad, knowing that new Operators did not come within this Operation.

This was totally expected as the majority of people playing this game have some sympathies to criticism. So yeah, it was fun to see what actually is going on.

However, Ubisoft claims that they’ll still continue to work on improving the game while Operation Health is in order. They promise to fix some issues and add more features like One Step Matchmaking, Map Fixes, Game Crashes, Hit Boxes, Spawn Killing, Join in Progress, Defuser Issues.

Well, there’s a new One Step matchmaking which is scheduled to come after Ubisoft test this out. What came as a surprise, it seems that there are going to be some new map fixes, which is going to result in fewer bugs/glitches on those maps.

What’s really important is that Spawn Killing should be fixed. It seems like that’s going to be fixed only in casual matches. In ranked, you could’ve always picked on which side to spawn. So, there’s your real answer about the Spawn Killing. Ubisoft stated clearly that Spawn Killing counts only when you’re being killed right after you spawn. If you’re being killed on the way to the objective, that’s not considered for Spawn Killing.

Oh, guess what? Both the annoying and most loved Operator, Glaz is nerfed… Operation Health, thank you in the name of all salty players!

Operation Health should be always running no matter what! There’s not a single excuse for dedicating only one operation to the Game’s Health. Whenever a new bug appears, or a new glitch, it must be fixed with a high importance. That’s what every game needs, especially Rainbow Six Siege. So, if there’s a new Operation replacing this one, it shouldn’t terminate Operation Health at all.

Alright, now, the funny part is that after the first push of Operation Health it seems like the game it’s still a bit broken. We managed to find this video, uploaded by a Reddit user PhoenixOfTruth, which is hilarious. It seems like this game needs a lot more attention than just saying it. Check the gif below:

That being said, we honestly hope that everything will come out to be just in the favor of the players, more than anything else.

Judging by our own experience, whenever it comes down to Ubisoft, everything seems to come slower. Especially when we’re speaking about fixing bugs or adding some new feature. They might start slow, but they finish hard, no matter what kind of job they’re working on. So, patience is a key to success.

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