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Payday 2 Patch 145 Brings Some Awesome Weapons Skins

Payday 2 just got a new update today. The update size is 1.1 GB and includes some awesome weapons skins. Also, it fixes some in-game issues, so keep on reading and find out more.

Last week Payday 2 Sangres offered amazing stylish shirts. For this week, Payday 2 Sangres has weapons skins that you will definitely love to have them.

Sangres offers 16 skins, including one legendary skin, called “The Monterrey”. Also, there is a new skin for Akimbo Castigo. 44 Revolvers. Check out the image below.

payday 2 patch 145

Payday 2 Patch Notes 145

Changes are beeing made for the General gameplay, levels, perk decks, skills, and weapons. Here is the list of all changes and improvements in the game with the latest patch. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  • Added the Sangres and Sangres Begins mask to the loot drop.
  • Using the smoke bomb during the daily job Ninja does not cause it to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where both the primary and secondary ammo was highlighted at the same time.
  • Team AI will not use their callouts as often to reduce spam. They will still mark special enemies, but may not always yell their names out.
  • Fixed so that Sangres can carry bags thrown at him.
  • Fixed some loading screen hints typos.
  • Alesso Heist – Fixed an issue with textures when using AMD cards.
  • Green Bridge – Fixed an issue with strange spawn positions for the prisoners.
  • New Safe House – Fixed some floating collision in Sangres room.
  • New Safe House – Fixed a lighting issue with the beer cooler in Sangres room.
  • New Safe House – Fixed an issue with the texture on Sangres beer bottle.
  • Fixed so that other players can see if someone has activated the Kingpin injector.
  • Fixed so that the smoke grenade will now detonate on police cars and other dynamic objects.
  • Fixed so that the description for the first perk in the Sicario perk deck shows the correct number.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sicario perk Unseen Shadow and how it was applied.
  • One Handed Talent skill now works with the Akimbo Castigo .44 Revolvers.
  • The Gun Nut: Ace skill now works with the Akimbo Castigo .44 Revolvers.
  • The Equilibrium skill now works with the Akimbo Castigo .44 Revolvers.
  • The Desperado skill now works with the Akimbo Castigo .44 Revolvers.
  • The Trigger Happy skill now work with the Akimbo Castigo .44 Revolvers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Repeater and the A5 Scope and how it was affected by smoke.
  • Fixed an issue with when using the Riktpunkt Magnifier Gadget on the Street Sweeoer Shotgun.

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