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Planet Coaster Update 1.2.2 Changelog

Planet Coaster’s new update 1.2.2 is now live as announced by the developers today.

Update 1.2.2 brings some gameplay changes and fixes some bugs. The biggest changes are regards to crime and security. So, keep on reading and see the full patch notes below.

planet coaster update 1.2.2

Planet Coaster Patch Notes 1.2.2

The following changelog is about general tweaks and bug fixes. Here you go.


  • Increased the running speed of level 5 security guards.
  • Added notifications when security has resolved a crime.
  • The Fairytale Village Shop 1 blueprint now has one Chief Beef shop and one Hotdog Squad shop.
  • Increased the chance criminals caught on camera are apprehended by security guards.
  • Pickpockets will take longer to pickpocket when in the presence of security guard or camera.
  • Increased the threshold at which high crime notifications are displayed.
  • Notifications of a specific crime occurring no longer appear, if the crime is only spotted by a guest.
  • High crime notifications now state the effects of high crime.
  • Adjusted notifications for pickpocket victims now state they just noticed they have been pickpocketed.
  • Adjusted the rate at which pickpockets appear to be based on park guests and park money.

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue where security guards would run on the spot.
  • An issue where it was difficult to select guests on the Speed ride.
  • An issue where the Barghest coaster would get stuck if it had more than one train.
  • Some graphical issues on the Rocktopus.
  • An issue where security cameras required research to unlock.
  • An issue where the number of guests was not scaling with Challenge parks on the Harder difficulty.
  • An issue where the Blueprint and Custom tab were missing for the Rides browser.
  • Restored customizable color options for the following items:
    -Belt Drive.
    -Oil Pump.
    -Stone Balcony Support.
    -Stone Awning.
    -Wooden Door Wood Frame.
  • An issue where the browser would not open to the Custom tab when customizing a building.
  • An issue where scenery pieces would not put your park balance into negative figures.
  • An issue where the grid heights for the building had two ‘1m’ options.
  • An issue where entertainers were rarely entertaining on paths.
  • General stability fixes and improvements.
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