PoE: The Fall of Oriath Beta – Everything You Need To Know

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath expansion is scheduled to be release this July 2017. This new expansion will be with 6 new acts and balance changes. Prior to its release, the devs will be releasing The Fall of Oriath Beta test.

The Beta test will start one week after the end of the Legacy League. On the schedule, Legacy league ends on May 29, so The Fall of Oriath Beta will start on June 7-8.

poe the fall of oriath beta

The Beta test will run until the expansion gets all set for an official release. Approximate time is 5-6 weeks. It will be available both for PC and Xbox One.

The week, after the Legacy league and before PoE The Fall of Oriath Beta, players will have a chance to join and participate in many different events. We just have to wait and see what the devs have to offer.

If you are wondering how you can enter the Beta for free, I have the answer for you. Basically, it will work like before. There will be a public Beta Key on their official website and they will send invitations every 5 minutes. The only change is that instead of 288 keys per day, they will be picking 500-1k active players.

There is also another way, but you’ll need to spend some money. There will be a new set of supporter pack, releasing on the same day as the Beta. But, that’s not all. If you have spent $440 or more on purchases in PoE, then you can play the Beta for free. Sounds great, right? We salute you Grinding Gear Games!

“The Beta includes acts One to Eight. Acts Nine and Ten will be released alongside the final 3.0.0 release. The Pantheon system and most balance changes are included in the Beta. New skills and unique items likely won’t be in the Beta“, as announced on the official PoE website. Also, the players will be able to play 4 leagues in the Beta. Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF.

During the Beta, the players will be able to use microtransactions with the latest system that is coming before the Beta. Just have in mind, everything you achieve and earn in the Beta, will be deleted when the test ends.

For last, The Fall of Oriath Beta is a separate game client, so don’t try to patch a PoE client into it.

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