Pokemon Go Adds New Anti-Cheat System – Flagged Accounts? Forget About Rare Pokemon Spawns

Just like any other game, Pokemon Go has hackers, even if they are using bots or other ways to gain an advantage. But Niantic is cracking down harder on them.

As reported by Pokemon Go, a server-side security measure has been activated during the weekend.

This means that previously flagged accounts are not able to see rare Pokemon spawns in an area. Anyone who has been caught using the third party trackers to catch Pokemon will not be able to catch the very best.

An image was shared on the Pokemon Go dev Discord server which shows two screenshots of the game at the same time and locations from two accounts, one which is the normal one (right), and the other one flagged (left). Take a look at the image below.

pokemon go anti-cheat

The normal account can see a Geodude, Kabuto and Venonat nearby, while the flagged one can only see the Geodude. But this measure is easily omitted by making a new account.

Even though the game isn’t that much popular like it was last year, last month it hit amazing 65 million monthly active users. In February Pokemon Go passed 650 million downloads.

For last, don’t forget about the Pokemon Go adventure that ends tomorrow. You still have a chance to find 4x Candies with your Buddy Pokemon.

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