Quake Champions Beta is Over With a Possibility for a Beta Re-Launch

Now that Quake Champions beta is over, there might be a fast beta re-launch very soon. We’ve been trying to find this out on Reddit, and we had an answer from one of the moderators that Quake Champions Technical Test might just continue until Bethesda and id Software are really sure they’re heading the right way.

Quake Champions Beta is Over

However, the servers went down before a couple of minutes ago, letting us know the open beta is finally finished. Well, do not be sad at all. The game might be re-launching a new technical test or one more Open Beta, so the players can verify the integrity of the game one more time.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Quake Champions is a very fast pace game where the adrenaline junkies have neverending fun. Indeed, that’s what we could’ve noticed while watching various Twitch streams, following Reddit threads and also playing the game on our own.

Now, when the Beta is over, we cannot wait for the next Quake Champions Event. Whether that’ll be a new Beta or Technical Test or maybe a full launch of the game, it will be awesome in any case. Hopefully, Bethesda and id Software got whatever they wanted from the players and received the most needed feedback so they can improve their game.

Overall, it was a great experience. We had some positive and negative feedback that we’ve sent to Bethesda. Haven’t experienced any kind of bug except an issue with the lightning gun, for which we think it’s already fixed while the technical test was still live. What do you think? Is there going to be a Beta Re-launch very soon, now that the Technical Test is finally over? Let us know in the comments down below! We honestly hope that Quake Champions will come out sooner than later!

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