Quake Champions: Sacrifice Mode Has Everything It Needs To Hit The Competitive Scene

Yesterday we’ve been speaking for Quake Champions overall, based on our experience. Now, we would love to speak for its newest game mode, Sacrifice.

Quake Champions

Sacrifice Mode has everything a game like Quake Needs

How do we know that it doesn’t miss a thing? Well, it pretty much has everything, thanks to the mastermind behind this game mode. Sacrifice needs a really good team play, even though we are speaking about a really fast First Person Shooter game. The key point in Sacrifice is that you have to know exactly what you’re doing, your whole team’s plan and approach and how to conquer and defend your base after you develop the soul inside the tomb. Oh yeah, the right picks are also important, making the right Champion picks really valuable. That’s why you’ll need to consider which champions you’re going to pick.

The players are going to be everywhere while you defend it your base. It’s just what makes this game push that extremely good feeling in you. Quake Champions is going to have its own competitive scene around Sacrifice, I am pretty sure about it. Despite the Soul and Quad Spawn, there is a defense boost that spawns too, making the player who owns it receive reduced damage. That will give you a chance on to either defend or attack more efficiently. The most interesting part is that players can pass the soul between each other, making it extremely good if the player carrying the Soul is in danger. It’s just freaking awesome.

Sacrifice is a 4v4 team based game mode where players are brawling between each other trying to prove their skills and abilities and win the game.

Changed Maps

The New Sacrifice mode is changing the maps in order to give a really competitive feeling, adding two bases A and B on the map. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can try it right now while the Closed Beta Technical Test is still up and running until 21st of May.

Not even comparable to Paladins or Overwatch

This game mode is not even close to what Paladins or Overwatch offers, knowing that a lot of people compare it to those two games. Sacrifice is just totally different, Quake Champions is also different than those two games. So yes, make sure you get off this comparisons, please!

Back to Sacrifice and Quake Champions. Being an extremely satisfying game mode, I am honestly looking forward to seeing it on the competitive scene. It really has everything a competitive scene needs to have. Bethesda is heading the right way for sure.

On the other side, there is a Duel mode which also might hit the competitive scene but that will be 1v1 only. We all know that the gaming scene is more interesting when it comes down to a good team play.

However, in total it seems like Bethesda is doing a great job for now. Hopefully, the game will be released sooner than later so we can witness a new team based game on the competitive scene.

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