Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health, Get Involved By Giving your Precious Feedback

Are you a true Rainbow Six Siege lover? Well, not too long ago, the new Operation Health was launched. This Operation is launched in order to improve the game, all the bugs, glitches and any other bad issues that can actually be found within Rainbow Six Siege. Now, knowing that Operation Health aims to improve the game based on both the developers’ knowledge and player’s feedback, you might want to get involved and tell the developers your own opinion. It’s time for you to kick off with a nice and precious feedback, which in turn might bring a more successful Operation.

To do this, you need to hop on this Reddit’s thread, where you can actually give your own feedback about anything listed out there. You need to give an opinion about maps and operators at a time the developers noted.

Your Feedback is much appreciated

Day one started with the map “House” and also Jäger as an operator, and the same list goes on and on for every single map and operator. It’s just the days you need to pay attention to. You can find the thread listed below, encouraging you to develop your best feedback and help improve Rainbow Six Siege in every single aspect. Do not be shy and get involved because every encountered issue on your side might be really crucial for the game.

r/Rainbow6 discusses reworking the maps – Day #1: House from Rainbow6

Giving the right feedback to improve Rainbow Six Siege while Operation Health is live is just priceless. Even if you’re a hardcore gamer and you already knew about this thing, or you’ve already posted your feedback, it’s never too late to come back and reinforce the developers with some new opinions and important information. Whether is that going to be regarding a Map or an Operator, it’s never too late to get involved and give your precious feedback!

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