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Robocraft: It’s Time to Welcome the LOML Stinger

Knowing that Robocraft’s devs are always excited when something new comes to Robocraft, they always aim to provide the upcoming content in details. That’s what happens with the new LOML Stinger weapon which is going to be launched this Thursday.

LOML Stinger

Alongside the LOML Stinger, there will be some wheels re-working. However, all the eyes are put towards the LOML Family, welcoming the LOML Stinger weapon. Hungry and young than its bigger brethren, the youngster deals the same damage per hit.

LOML Stinger Stats

You can preview the full stats of the weapon below, including the 3d model on Sketchfab:

  • Name: LOML Stinger
  • Classification: Epic
  • CPU: 140 pFlops
  • Health: 54,754
  • Damage per hit: 52,426
  • Mass: 560kg
  • Energy Consumption: 2013 per shot
  • Single Gun Fire Rate: 1.33 per second
  • Max Fire Rate: 3.33 per second
  • Max Fire Rate Count: 4 guns
  • Blast Radius: 12.5 meters
  • Forge Cost: 35,000

The Thursday’s update complete patch notes will be published on their official website, so do not forget to visit it tomorrow.



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