My Summer Car: Drunk Driver In Green Car Takes The Player Home With The New Update

My Summer Car just got a new update today, 29.05.2017. This update brings a lot of changes, add-ons, and bug fixes. So keep on reading and find out more.

This is an awesome game, where the players enjoy fixing, tuning and maintenance their car. The developers are trying their best to satisfy the community with these updates and I think this time they did it 100%. Well, to be honest, I was hoping for a “Supercharger Update”, so devs, read this and make my wish come true.

Here are all the changes with the latest My Summer Car update:

  • Fleetari does NOT fix the whole engine anymore, ONLY broken individual parts.Made a fix for the moped
  • Made a fix for the moped a player scaling problems.
  • Fixed issue with “Rusting Fast” achievement where it was possible to trigger it with the train crash.
  • Fixed parts order wait time not resetting properly.
  • Made changes to “starter helper” to prevent Van and Moped from exploding at certain situations.
  • Added wear and eventual failure simulation for some of the engine parts and gearbox, condition at game start is randomized.
  • Added possibility for total suspension failure, affects also the assembly phase.
  • Water Pump and Alternator operating friction are now calculated into total engine friction.
  • Added radiator fan sound.
  • Adjusted conditions of when Fleetari calls about the vandalism job.
  • Changed the logic how items are spawned after load, should help with the items getting all messed up.
  • Added Satsuma gear grinding for missed shifts (works only in H-shifter mode with manual clutch).
  • Fixed Gifu reverse gear ratios.
  • Made it little less probable for exhaust pipes to fall off during game load.
  • Added fix for ForceFeedbackPlugin that should prevent application crash if the FFB-compatible controller is not present.
  • Increased player grabbing force for ragdolls.
  • Roll cage removal service added to Fleetari repair shop.
  • Added replacement fiberglass hood.Added Fire Extinguisher to put out a car fire, also required to be installed for rally event.Car fire will now break some engine components.
  • Car fire will now break some engine components.”Fleetari’s revenge” has now more randomized spawn points.
  • “Fleetari’s revenge” has now more randomized spawn points.Made
  • Made Fleetari repair time longer.
  • Made postal order arrival time longer.Hopefully fixed
  • Hopefully fixed the infamous issue with moped vanishing in thin air.
  • Fixed bug with Satsuma wheels having a memory leak if the game was loaded when the car was saved upside down.
  • Changed how physics steps are calculated, should increase calculations accuracy at sub 40-50fps situations.
  • Added “Feel Alive” achievement.Drunk driver in the little green car now takes the player all the way to home.
  • Kilju buyer keeps his money if you do not accept the payment and leave the house area.

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