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Top 5 Attackers In Mobile Legends

At the moment there are 36 heroes in total in MLBB. As you know, each of them is with a different role. Some of them are Tanks, some Fighters, Assassins, Mages, Marksman and some are Support.

My favorite is the Fighter class. Here you can find Hilda, Balmond, Alucard (my favorite), Bane, Yun Zhao, Chou, Ruby, Sun, Alpha and Freya. They deal a lot of damage, they are fast and can easily eliminate an enemy. But, not of all them are on my top 5 attackers list in MLBB.

On the top of the list is Karina. With the right build guide, she can deal very high amount of damage and eliminate an enemy in 2 seconds. She is part of the Assasin/Mage class with 4 powerful skills.

No.2 is Yun Zhao. With him, you can easily push a lane and win a match very fast. Having the best items will also help you in your task.

Tigreal is at No.3. He is a powerful tank, maybe the best one in MLBB, with powerful skills and very high HP. Playing with him can sometimes be “pain in the back”, but when you master him, then he’ll be on your top 10 heroes list.

Clint is next on top 5 attackers list. Just farm, get the items he needs, and that’s all you need to know. The rest is just history. I’ve to mention he is very OP. There is no way you can get closer to him and surviving 1 on 1.

Now comes the hard part. For last, I’ve 2 heroes. One of them is Bruno, and the second is Miya. Both of them deals a high amount of damage, both of them are with high movement and attack speed. They use powerful skills, which makes it even harder to choose the right one. But, when I check my fight info, I’ve got some pretty good results with Bruno. So, definitely, my vote goes for Bruno. What is your choice?

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