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Top 5 Tank Heroes In Mobile Legends

Beeing a Tank in MLBB is not an easy job at all. You have to protect your allies, be the first who jumps in a combat and use your skills to win a match.

In Mobile Legends there are 8 Tank heroes in total. The latest one is Hilda. She is with high movement speed and HP. But, I can’t really say that you can use her as a real Tank in a match. i would rather use her as a Fighter. Well, this also depends on which items you use for Hilda.

Balmond is on that list as well. He is a great Fighter, but not a tank. Balmond is a very offensive hero, with high HP and physical attack. But, I don’t recommend him as a Tank.

Next on the list is Akai. One the best Tanks in MLBB. I know he is not one of the favorites heroes in the game, but still, he can take a lot of damage.

Minotaur is on my top 5 Tank heroes list. Using his skills, having the perfect build guide is the key to success with Minotaur. He is with high HP, high armor points, which makes him a great Tank.

Franco, the Frozen Warrior is a great tank as well. The thing with Franco is, if you don’t have the skills to use his hook, then better choose another Tank.

Tigreal is next on the list. I have to say, he is my favorite Tank. So, at No.1 on my Top 5 Tank heroes list is definitely Tigreal.

Jonhson the Mustang has made his way on the list too. A great Tank, who uses a shield to absorb a lot of damage.

For last is the forgotten Lolita. I think she is the only one without any updates so far. However, she can be a great Tank as well. Using her shield and her ult is the key to success.

Here is the list of Top 5 Tank Heroes.

  • Tigreal
  • Minotaur
  • Johnson
  • Franco
  • Akai

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