Top PS Games For April

April was a great month for PlayStation and PS owners. As announced today on their official blog, more than 80 games are on the “top list” for the previous month, April 2017.

First, I will start with PS4, then comes PS3, PS4 Add-ons, PS VR, PS Vita and PS Classics for last.

april top ps games

On the PS4 games list, there are 20 games in total. You can find games like Rocket League, Outlast 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, GTA V, Horizon Zero Dawn, FIFA17, UFC 2, Need for Speed, Mass Effect: Andromeda and much more. But, at the top is Persona 5 with a debut for the month of April.

PS3 games list is with 20 games as well. At No.1 you will find GTA V, followed by The King of Fighters XII at second place and Persona 5 at third.

PS4 Add-ons have a list of 10 titles. First is Rocket League with their Fate of the Furious Ice Charge. Next is COD: Infinite Warfare with DLC2 Continuum. The Eder Scrolls Online and Tamriel Unlimited ESO plus takes the third place.

Mortal Blitz, Job Simulator and EVE: Valkyrie are on the top 3 list for PS VR games. Gunjack, Statik, Virry VR, Fruit Ninja VR are as well on the list for April’s top downloads.

Next are games on PS Vita. No.1 goes for Salt and Sanctuary, No.2 Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom and God of War: Collection PS Vita at 3rd place.

And for last, we have the PS classics. You will find names like RE3: Nemesis, Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2 and GTA: The Trilogy. But there can be only one winner. For the month of April, No.1 goes to GTA: San Andreas.

Sounds great, right? I hope that May will bring us some exciting games titles that we can enjoy playing. I vote for Friday the 13th and Star Treck: Bridge Crew. But, we just have to wait and see who will be on the top!

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