Trackmania 2: Lagoon Is Coming On PC

As announced on the official Ubisoft website, Trackmania2 Lagoon is coming on PC this May. To be more precise, on the 23rd.

The game will be with 65 new track solo campaing, tropical tracks, and 6 multiplayer game modes. Also, the players will be able to make/create their own events and tropical tracks in the tropical settings.

trackmania2 lagoon pc

In Trackmania2 Lagoon, the players will go through rollercoasters-like tracks on the Lagoon island and can challenge other players.

But, that’s not all. Trackmania gets a new update today for the Maniaplanet platform. This update will be with robust features and enhancments that allow the players to create single-player campaigns and design 3D objects with the mesh modeler.

Maniaplanet 4 update also adds under-the-hood improvements, which will boost the game performance. The players will have a free access to a brand new channel system and discover new content and connect with other gamers.

There are a lot of changes in the textures and features, which the players will recognize it without any problems. Also, the Chase team mode is now available in Trackmania2 and the Shootmania Storm players are getting new vehicles, weapons, and a new Warlords game mode.

For last, the Trackmania2 Lagoon is coming on May 23 on Steam, Maniaplanet, and Uplay.

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