Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Patch 1.3.53

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade patch 1.3.53 is indeed a big patch fixing a lot of issues. This patch addresses deamons, traitors and xenos, while also fixes matchmaking, performance, optimizations, bugfixes and some balancing changes.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Patch 1.3.53

Knowing that the Space Marines campaign is behind the corner and comes out tomorrow, May 12, the 1.3.53 patch also involves the campaign. Knowing the ups and downs, the devs are going to involve themselves in the campaign creation and improve their system a bit more.

Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade Patch 1.3.53

You can find the full patch notes below:


Players now able to redeploy when in a vehicle (to prevent edge cases of being stuck in a vehicle)

Tweaked the lighting and post process volume of Maggon Station and Refinery Olipsis. Let us know if you think screenshots look better on those maps now.

Fortress Ronan now has a new “secret” parking spot for vehicles inside the wall on Attacker’s right.

The aquilla and laurel on the Aquila Blessed Legs now turns gold when wearing Relic Armor

The Possessed Marines benefits from the melee fixes listed below.

Balance Updates

  • Travel distance for a melee weapon’s forehand and backhand attacks are now far more consistent.
  • Travel distance of fast and strong attacks performed by melee weapons within the same category (swords, axes/clubs, fists/klaws, etc) no longer vary wildly.
  • Strong and fast melee attacks performed by melee weapons within the same category (swords, axes/clubs, fists/klaws, etc) no longer link to the next queued attack with wildly varying timings.
  • Base Warp Charge Regen for Warlocks, Aspiring Sorcerers, and their Veteran equivalents increased from 7 per second to 10 per second.
  • Warp Charge Regen Delay for Warlocks, Aspiring Sorcerers and their Veteran equivalents reduced from 2 seconds to 1 seconds.
  • Duration of the getting up animation for Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and Eldar has been reduced from 3.67 seconds to 3.0 seconds to be in line with Orks.
  • Removed damage falloff from Lash of Slaanesh.
  • Increased range of Lash of Slaanesh from 15 metres to 25 metres.
  • Removed one Tank and one Transport from the vehicle spawners on Fortress maps. This means attackers can have a total of 4 transports, 2 tanks and 2 ordnance vehicles up at a time. Cooldown timers have not been touched.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the description of the Skarboy Kommando (and other upcoming heroes) to show that they are Elites and have non-editable loadouts.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sicky Slugga fire mode displayed in the HUD as single fire instead of automatic fire.
  • Added a vehicle blocking collision volume to Zedek to prevent Eldar vehicles from climbing cliffs between capture points A and B.
  • Added a vehicle blocking collision volume to Fortress Harkus to prevent Eldar vehicles from climbing the pipes near the north side of the wall.
  • Fixed a bug where some vehicle blocking collision volumes in Zedek that were also blocking characters.
  • Removed a railing on the second floor of Zedek capture point A that was bisected by some boxes.
  • Fixed a piece of debris that was floating by the secret side entrance that passes under the exterior walls of Fortress Agnathio.
  • The new reward shoulder wasn’t playing nice with Daemon Forged Armour.
  • Fix for death screen sometimes appearing multiple times
  • Fix for Night Lord effect appearing on Possessed
  • Improvement to Vehicle physics (grenade thrown at vehicle shouldn’t make them go through floor or fly into the air)
  • Fix for Warlock and Sorcerer having a need ammo icon on top of them
  • Fix for VFX still appearing on stealth characters
  • Fix for sticky grenades not falling off when flying upward
  • Fix stealth transparency pop when looking through a scope
  • Improvement for hovering vehicle movement
  • Added big Hero images in the store
  • Fixed issue where the Possessed’s left hand appeared to be holding a weapon.
  • Fixed exploit where players could speed up the revive process by attempting to pick up a user as he is getting up from a healing grenade.
  • Weaponry on vehicles will no longer appear below the vehicle for the first few moments after being spawned.
  • The tyranid dummies are no longer floating off the ground.

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