After Battlerite’s Summer Mega Patch, Hotfix is Deployed

After the big changes in Battlerite and Blossom Adds, Stunlock Studios want to just make sure they’ve patched everything good. Otherwise, if the patch is not working like it should, Stunlock Studios always releases a hotfix, sooner than later which gets rid of any bad causes during the official and main patch. In any case, Stunlock Studios does a great job with Battlerite. In order to develop the best team arena experience and action, this must not be avoided.

Battlerite hotfix

The new hotfix, which was actually deployed yesterday, fixes Blossom, self cast and disconnection push if someone else decided to disconnect. Below you can find the full changelog of patch Not to forget the new Champion in the game, Blossom. He’s gonna receive some tweaks too, despite the fact he was a bit broken. I mean, literaly, in every single game the new champion gets nerfed, no matter if sooner or later.

  • Blossom being able to re-cast Tag endlessly as long as she had the energy
  • Self cast not working properly
  • Being forced to manually leave a Brawl match when someone else had disconnected


Instinct (Space)

  • Fixed a bug where invisibility did not fade when supposed to

Boom Bloom (E)

  • Cast time increased from 0.35s to 0.7s
  • Effects tweaked

Gust (R)

  • No longer blocks melee attacks
  • Effects tweaked
  • Voice over when casting is now layered correctly (if you have turned off voices, it will no longer play regardless)


Bountiful Tree

  • Fixed a bug where Bountiful Tree did not work correctly with the Healthful Bark Battlerite.

League Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug when playing ranked games in Contender League. You should now be able to see the progression through Contender league and no previous progression has been lost.


Angel Kicevski

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