Age of Empires II Patch 5.4 Has Now Moved from Open Beta to Live

As their practice is to release patches as a Beta update and then swap them as live after they’ve received all the feedback, the developers are more than happy to announce that Age of Empires II Patch 5.4 is now finally moved to the Live version. However, make sure you open your eyes on the upcoming 5.5 Open Beta patch that should be announced very soon. By participating the Open Beta, players can give their feedback based on what they experience, letting the devs know about any possible issue. Thanks to the feedback, the patch 5.4 is completely stable.

Age of Empires II has received the new patch and players should no longer experience the desync issue if a player did not receive the correct update to his World Time setting. More stability issues are also fixed and you can find them in the full changelog below.

Age of Empires Patch 5.4 Changelog

Stability Fixes:

  • Loading into game should no longer desync if a player has not received the correct update to their World Time setting.
  • Gameplay should no longer desync if a player has missed the update to their World Time setting. If a player has missed the update we now provide additional time for the player to receive that update.
  • Encountering a DX9 memory crash should now bring up a popup and allow the player to proceed rather than crashing to the desktop.

Community Focused Bug Fixes:

  • Lock teams should function correctly for custom campaigns.
  • Allied positions are no longer unintentionally revealed for custom campaigns.
  • Population limit is now respected in scenarios.
  • AI colours should now appear correctly in custom scenarios.
  • Colour settings in multiplayer should now appear correctly in custom scenarios.
  • Berber Camels should now function correctly after loading into a saved game.
  • Berber Camels should now regenerate correctly in a recorded game.
  • Viewing the Tech Tree in Spanish should now be formatted correctly.

If you’re a true AoE II player, do not forget to post your feedback to the devs, letting them know if you encounter any issue, as you know that they aim on improving and fixing community focused bugs.

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