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HotS: Artanis Build Guide – Talents Pickup & Explanation

It’s time to get my hands on probably my most favorite StarCraft Hero in Heroes of the Storm, Artanis. A Protoss Templar, offering sharp and futuristic blades that are about to win every single game. This guide will help you accomplish that. If you’re a winner, feeling the power to carry your team to victory, this is the best guide you can get with the best talents for Artanis. Just make sure you get to Late Game, and unleash the true power of  Artanis.

Artanis Build, Talents, Brief

It’s time for the main part of the build, the talents. Artanis is such a useful Hero especially when he gets in late game. His Blade Dash and Phase Prism ability has a playmaking potential, pulling enemies out of their Support range, letting your teammates burst them down easily. Let’s start with the first three talents on level 1, 4, 7.

Seasoned Marksman, Shield Surge, Follow Through

Levels 1 4 7
Talents Seasoned Marksman

Seasoned Marksman

Shield Surge

Shield Surge

Follow Through

Follow Through

Now the reason behind these three talents is really simple. They’re all connected to what we said before, a late game build. Seasoned Marksman gives Artanis a damage boost, which is always welcome. Even though it comes as a quest, if you hit the late game you should be able to get the quest done. The second talent is Shield Surge, which is going to increase the Shield’s power by 75% when below 25% of Health. This talent comes good as a combo with our last talent which you’re going to see. And at level 7, we get the Follow Through talent, which is also a damage booster. There’s nothing else to explain around these three talents. They’re really simple to understand.

Picking up the Right Heroic

When it comes down to picking up the right Heroic Ability, I honestly think that both of them are just fine. However, the difference is huge, knowing that the first Heroic is AOE and second solo target. If you think twice, taking Suppression Pulse is more important than Purifier Beam, knowing that Purifier Beam can be easily dodged. On the other side, Suppression Pulse also offers blindness, making the affected enemies to miss. That’s why we’re going with Suppression Pulse, even though the damage is not even comparable to Purifier Beam.

Suppression Pulse

Suppression Pulse

That being said, we have explained why we tend to use Suppression Pulse in this guide. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful too.

As we move forward in this build, you’ll find the true power of Artanis. The strongest talents are about to come, making him a beast in Heroes of the Storm.

Important Late Game Talents

Since we’re talking about damage and nothing else, Triple Strike is what you wanna get on Artanis. However, a lot of people are making mistake picking up the wrong talent after this one. Let’s preview the last 3 talents below:

Levels 13 16 20
Talents Triple Strike

Triple Strike

Titan Killer

Titan Killer

Force of Will

Force of Will

To conclude our final build, it’s time for the very last talents. Triple Strike increases the number of Basic Attacks to 3, but increases the cooldown of Twin Blades for 1 second. This is well combined with Force of Will, which reduces the Overload Shield Cooldown by 6 seconds. And it all comes back to the beginning, and Talent Shield Surge. Having a strong healer on your team might help Artanis trigger Overload Shield for 2-3 times when below 25% of HP. Now, you realize how good of a guide it is. It’s time to try this Artanis guide and unleash the true power in Heroes of the Storm! Hopefully, you’ll improve your win rate and dominate every game.

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