Atlas Reactor Patch 06.06. Adds New Hyperbotic Daily Missions

Sadly, the new Hyperbotic Daily Missions are not going to last forever. Atlas Reactor’s new patch will make them available, but only until October 10, so make sure you attend these missions and earn Hyperbotic skins for all the Freelancers. This is not all, this Atlas Reactor Patch 06.06.  adds even more news. Make sure you read them below.

Atlas Reactor Patch 06.06.

Despite the new daily missions, there will be new achievements incoming. 7 more Tiers for Dodge This!, Massive Attack and the Power of Friendship will be added. If you manage to achieve any of the final tier of these three achievements, you’ll get a special Title too.

Meridian’s Chapter 2 is up and running, making you win some achievements for completing the chapter too, such as New Tol-Ren “Deal” emoji, New Kaigin “Bring it” Overcon. This will pretty much make you able to win the Meridian’s achievement which is available after this update.

The new content seems really satisfying, speaking of a free to play game. This game can really wake up the friendship before all, making you and addicted to the game.

To visit the full changelog in this 06.06. update make sure you Visit the second page of this post.

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