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Battlerite’s Summer Mega Patch Brings Chest & Income System Updates

After days of complaining about Battlerite, the game seems like it’s going to hit that “grindy” status a bit more after receiving changes like these. The Summer Mega Patch will be deployed on June 27th, making Silver Chests purchasable for 400 Battle Coins as well as getting higher account level would reward you the same.

The Downside of this patch is that Gold Chests will no longer be purchasable via Battle Coins. Instead, players will get a chance to get them via Gems, Leveling Champions and Quests. Something similar to HotS, where this kind of system is really accommodating.

In other words, the whole system about earning Battle Coins will be different in a better way. You will no longer earn 50 Battle Coins for winning 3 matches, instead, you’ll earn Battle Coins after every played match, no matter if it’s a win or loss. Knowing that the Battle Coins income rate will remain roughly the same, this kind of a system sounds a lot better for every player, plus the chance to earn extra Coins because of different factors, which means that the Total Battle Coin income is going to be a lot higher than the income rate before.

After some rumors that Battlerite might become a free to play game, these changes sound like the game is heading in that direction. In the meantime, do not forget to spend your Coins and buy Gold Chests, because this patch might ruin the rewards you may earn.



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