What Is The Best Pokemon To Beat Gengar Raid Boss?

One of the Raid Bosses in Raid Battles is Gengar. He is with 19768 CP and Max Capture CP 1496. Gengar is a dual type Pokemon, Ghost and Poison. Keep this in mind if you want to defeat him solo or in a party.

My No.1 choice when it comes down to Gengar is Tyranitar. I’m saying this because of 2 very important things. First, he is a Dark type Pokemon and second, because of his Bite/Crunch. At the same time, Tyranitar doesn’t take a lot of damage from Ghost/Poison moves.

Also, there are some Pokemon that can be used in a Gengar Raid such as:

  • Espeon with Confusion.
  • Alakazam with Futuresight.
  • Gyarados, this guy takes full damage from the Boss’s attacks.
  • Golem due to his ground moves.
  • Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play.
  • Steelix is a good option as well because he is not receiving a lot of damage (2x less) from poison moves.
  • And of course, if you don’t have any other choice, go for Dragonite :).

If some of the Trainers decide to go solo, use the Pokemon from above and follow these useful tips:

  • First, make sure that you are level 30 or above.
  • Then make sure that your Pokemon is at full power.
  • Get yourself a Tyranitar, or any of the Pokemon above.
  • Do not try to enter the Raid if you don’t have proper move sets. This is essential against Gengar.
  • Tyranitar, Gyarados 2800+ CP value.
  • Golem, Dragonite, Rhydon 2600+ CP value.

Also, you can solo Gengar using only 1 Gengar. Sounds crazy, right? Check out this video.

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