Breakdown Of E3 2017, The Most important News During Press-Conferences

This year we had a chance to be present at E3 2017, where the gaming world is gathered to witness and be part of the biggest gaming happening throughout the year.

One of the biggest company names, developers and publishers were present at this press conference, such as Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Sony and Nintendo.

We’ve witnessed something incredible, so we’ve decided to share the most important news at this year’s E3 with you.

The prequel to the 2003 classic, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is completely real. Ubisoft gave a glimpse to the fans of the CGI trailer ft. their favorite 24th pig. The game will happen in System 3, an interstellar hub that Earthlings have migrated to.

A re-mastered version of the PS 2 game Shadow of the Colossus will come to PS4 in 2018. It will be re-developed by the same team that brought the game to PS3.

We will get another edition of the real-time strategy mainstay Age of Empires. Every asset has been improved. AI has improved and a lot of other learnings from the sequel have been added to the game. It also supports online multiplayer.

The new powered-up Xbox is officially named the Xbox One X (XB.O.X). It has some impressive specs, but all are known to us. It also is the smallest Xbox form factor and will cost $499 when it comes to us on Nov.7.

Super Mario Odyssey will come to Switch on Oct.27. This game has Mario exploring different worlds and using some brand new abilities that include the one that features the use of his hat to take control of everything.

Xbox backward compatibility is finally coming to Xbox One. It is said that a lot of the original games will feature enhanced graphics when played on Xbox One.

BJ Blazkowics is coming back in a new Wolfenstein game. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is happening in 1961 where Blazkowicz is taking on the Nazis in America with the help of the resistance fighters. The game will be on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One on October 27th.

The first Monster Hunter game to hit a PS console is set for an early 2018 release.

God of War looks absolutely stunning. It will be released sometime in 2018, and we all have a lot to think about what it will be like to play as Kratos with a son.

In the press-conference video, Spiderman was shown how he was running up buildings, webbing his way around the bad guys and the city.

The people behind Dragon Age and Mass Effect are currently working on a new game, Anthem. In the game, you can play as a flying, power-suit wearing explorer in a detrimental planet filled with enormous monsters.

The presentation began with expressing love between Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto with mock-up props from Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The game was a total surprise. Everyone knew that it was going to be turn-based, but the game resembled the Firaxis reboot of XCOM.

Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, announced that the popular battle-royale PC shooter will come to Xbox One exclusively. The game will come in late 2017 with Xbox One enhancements.

Terry Crews released a new trailer for the sequel of Crackdown 2. It turns out that he is in the game, as Commander Jaxon. It will hit Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7.

The developer 4A Games surprised everyone with a video showing off what will the first 4K Metro game look like.

The first look at the sequel to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor showed off a run for new orcs to build an army so the player can prepare for an assault on a massive citadel being held by a two-headed troll. The demo highlighted the new nemesis system.

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