Conan Exiles Gets a New Hotfix, Fixing Exploits and Bugs

Conan Exiles still suffers from various exploits, and Funcom’s answer is developing a new Hotfix to fix them. However, in the future, there shouldn’t be any patch that’s going to break the game. Exploits of a type like transforming foundations into rocks and Uncapped Field of View value are not allowed anymore.

Conan Exiles

Funcom seems to be doing their job, and Conan Exiles is closer to a “Complete Game” Title. This new update should also fix some bugs, which is going to improve the gameplay experience for everyone. Hopefully, everything will turn out good, making both Conan Exiles and Funcom take a little breather in future.

You can find the full changelog and known issues below:

EXPLOIT FIX: Disabled a console command which could let you push foundations into rocks

EXPLOIT FIX: Field of view maximum value is now capped

DECAY SYSTEM: Fixed a bug where placing a placeable on a foundation would not update its decay info before a server restart

DECAY SYSTEM: Fixed a bug that made the decay info you see when holding a repair hammer not properly update on parts of a building

Avatar of Yog should no longer get stuck on collision when performing the dive attack

Client ping for connections that pass the ping limit is now logged

Reduced the MaxAllowedPing value on official servers. Please give us feedback on how this is working

Known Issues

DECAY SYSTEM: Building score and decay time not propagated to all placeables (chests and crafting stations are unaffected by this bug)

DECAY SYSTEM: Decayed structures can sometimes reset their status on a server restart. We are working on a fix.

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