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Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Pack Will Be Available on June 27

The long-awaited Necromancer Pack Comes to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on June 27 for all platforms, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! After the announcement about the upcoming Necromancer Pack rewards, the official release date was missing, and now it’s finally here.

The Necromancer pack will feature 4 new class sets as well as 30+ New Legendaries. That’s not enough for you? No problem, Blizzard got more up the sleeve. There will be a new portrait frame as well as 2 character slots and stash tabs. This is much of a value for any Diablo III hardcore player, as he may be able to enjoy the extra stash space.

However, Rise of the Necromancer pack will feature more rewards than content, which is kind of underwhelming for lots of Diablo III players. Everyone’s eager to experience and dive into a brand new content. Well, thanks to the 2.6.0, there will be a new challenge that we spoke about before some day, letting players try out different builds and beat other’s timing while doing Challenge Rifts.

The Rise of the Necromancer Pack costs 14.99 euros. Below, you can see the Video and the rewards that come with the Necromancer Pack and patch 2.6.0.

Just to remind you, The Rise of the Necromancer Pack release date is June 7 and you may enjoy all the benefits it offers. Until then, make sure you prepare for your journey.



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