Expect Surprises at this year’s Dota 2’s The International 7, There will be a ton of them for sure

If you’re watching the TI7 Qualifiers, you know that the current Dota 2 Meta is kind of messed up. Actually, I’ve never seen that many surprising and crazy matches played on any Dota 2’s International event, including the Qualifiers. This can result in tying only one knot, and that knot points towards the International 7’s main event, for which I expect to be full of fun and surprises. High tier teams being declined by lower tier teams throughout this qualifier is what satisfies and entertains the whole Dota 2 community.

Therefore, I honestly expect the underdogs to bring big surprises in this year’s International Event. It seems like this new meta suits them very well, and most of the pub players did advance and reach more throughout the Open Qualifiers, while stable and professional teams failed to deliver. That should hurt. If you’re not being able to adopt a new patch and its Meta around it, that’s where you fail.

What’s even more strange, none of the pro teams out there feel comfortable on the new patch, because almost none of them is able to fit its margins. That’s just another reason why The International 2017 will be full of fun. Strange picks, even stranger Outcomes is what makes me doubt the integrity of the event, as it might become quite messy too.

Knowing that players will compete for lots of money, their job is to dance according to the music in the background (adopt the new meta) or just do not dance at all. Well, not dancing will pretty much get you nowhere, so instead of that, it’s better to fail. After all, you’re playing for a really big prize pool. This period has been full of Dota 2 fun. Beyondthesummit is doing the right job streaming every single game possible, while at this moment the very finals between Mouz and Planet DOG are being played.

If you forgot to watch the final and deciding match on who’s going to advance directly to this year’s TI7, do not be sad because you can tune in right now and see Planet Dog and Mouz poking each others eyes and proving who’s the better team to Qualify at this year’s TI7.

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