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The Fall Of Oriath Details: Beta Timing, Race Prizes, Supporter Packs, Pantheon System & Patch 3.0.0

The Fall of Oriath Beta test starts in less than two days as announced by the developers, Grinding Gear Games. Here is everything you’ll need to know.

First, we will share info about the Beta timing, when it starts, Beta keys and the release of a new Act 5 trailer.

the fall of oriath beta details

The Beta starts at 2 PM PT with the release of 2.6.2 patch. This patch introduces 3.0.0 Beta realm as well as 2.6.2 Production realm. When the patch deploys, the players will get the new supporter packs.

Buying a supporter pack is the key if the players want to play the Beta test. Just get the pack, receive the Beta key, download the Beta client and you are all set.

For those who have spent over $500 in-game, will get Beta access first and for free.

There will be a daily raffle and the lucky winners will receive the Beta keys.

Be prepared for a new Act 5 trailer!

Beta keys and microtransactions will be rewarded only for specific events. So, Beta keys will get their reward on the Beta launch and microtransactions on Monday, when each event ends. The same goes for Demigod’s and Classic Mystery Boxes.

Supporter Packs will be with higher value with the extra pack. For now, that’s the only official info we’ve got. The devs want it to stay a secret until the release of the Beta, so we have to wait and see what their surprise is.

Pantheon System will be available in the Beta. At the moment, the devs are working on the mechanic, as they want to improve the capture of map bosses’ souls.

As for patch 3.0.0, Grinding Gear Games are saying that they are not ready yeat for its official release, and here is why:

3.0.0 patch notes are not ready for the start of the Beta. Content preparation comes first, so we’ll be assembling the patch notes during the Beta, in time for its release. It takes several weeks to put together patch notes for a release this large.”

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