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HotS: Sonya Build Guide – A true Warrior

The time for Sonya has finally come. I must say, this was one of the most confusing Heroes not in terms of playing, but of picking up the right talents. I Hope that this guide is going to help you choose the right Talents whenever you play Sonya. That being said, let’s see how can Sonya contribute in a big team fight and see which talents we prefer to use. Sonya’s Trait, Fury, generates Fury consumed by using abilities. That being said, you won’t need to worry about your Mana Points at all.


Sonya Build Guide – Talents, Explanation

In this build, we will empower Sonya’s Whirlwind ability, because I definitely loved spamming the same in Diablo 3 while playing the Barbarian class. Those days felt really good. Let’s move towards Sonya’s talents and decide which ones are the best.

LEVEL 1 4 7




Poisoned Spear

Poisoned Spear

Getting Block provides much of a Value to Sonya as a character in Heroes of the Storm. Since you’re going to hold the first line, you do not want to miss that talent. That being said, the next talent choice is simple. Hurricane empowers Whirlwind by reducing its cooldown and also remove the roots and slows applied on Sonya at the moment she starts spinning. Now the talent on level 7 might be chosen based on your own experience, however, we always love to go for Poisoned Spear, because we can easily burn targets and get out of the fight by Using Whirlwind. That’s how simple it is.

Getting the right Heroic

I know that some people might enjoy picking Wrath of the Berserker, however, I do not. If we have a good crowd control, Leap is good because of the talent that comes on level 20 which makes a Crater making enemies stuck for some time. If you manage to get 2 or 3 enemies inside of it, it’s pretty much GG in late game.



Closing the build with the last three talents that will ensure Sonya survives throughout big fights is more than a pleasure to do.

LEVEL 13 16 20
TALENT Life Funnel

Life Funnel

Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel

Arreat Crater or Ignore Pain

Arreat Crater     Ignore Pain

The explanation for Life Funnel is really simple. It comes good in addition to Hurricane and makes the build a lot stronger. That’s why we aim to provide these guides for you, to actually experiment and also explain which talents are packed nice. Nerves of Steel is good as it can be activated as you’re Whirlwinding providing Sonya a Shield which may help her out even in the toughest fights.

The last two talents are all about you. Whether is that going to be Arreat Crater or Ignore Pain, just make sure it counts. This should be picked up according to the game as you move through it. That’s why we’ve chosen Arreat Crater and Ignore pain as the two talents. Arreat Crater is really awesome as you’ll get stuck with enemies inside the crater. On the other side, Ignore Pain will make Sonya stronger and if combined with Block, make sure you use it at the right time when the Block talent is triggered. In this way, you’ll get the max effect.

Sonya is a really fun character to play with in Heroes of the Storm. I honestly hope that this guide will help you dominate.

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