The New Search Bar In Pokemon Go Seems Simple At First, But It Offers More Than You Think

In the 0.67.1 update, Niantic shared with us a new search bar on the Pokemon list. It seemed very simple, but the bar has more functionality than we thought it had, and it is even more functional than the original one. Down below are all known Seach Bar commands. If you know some that are not listed, please let us know.

Filtering by Species

All Pokemon that belong to a specific group of species can be found by searching the species name with a + sign before it.

Examples: +bulbasaur returns all Bulbasaurs, Ivysaurs and Venusaurs in your Pokemon list.

Filtering by Type

We can now search a Pokemon by Pokemon Type. To search, you need to write the type name in the search box, or for more types at once, separate the type name with one of the existing separators. (– colon(:), semi-colon(;), or a comma(,) ).

Examples: fire returns all fire types in your Pokemon list fire, ground returns all fire and all ground types.

Filtering by name

Filtering by name is available! This works as a normal text search. Does not seach inside names, and it supports ASCII and Unicode. It cannot search nicknames while searching Pokemon species name.

Examples: MyTyranitar returns a Pokemon named  MyTranitar, Tyranitar returns all Tyranitars.

Filtering by CP and HP

It is now possible to filter a Pokemon by CP and HP. You can do this just by writing special queries that look like cp2000-3000 and hp200-300.

Examples: cp2000-3000 returns all Pokemon with CP between 2000 and 3000, hp200-300 returns all Pokemon with HP between 200 and 300.

Filtering by Pokedex Number

You can finally create range searches, and find Pokemon using their Pokedex number also.

Examples: 248 returns all Tyranitars you have, 200 – 248 returns all Pokemon with the Pokedex number between 200 and 248.

Filtering by evolution

By using the “evolve” keyword, you can filter all Pokemon that can evolve. It also counts the Candy count.

Examples: evolve returns all Pokemon that you have and that can evolve.

Advanced search functions

We can also make some multiple filters too.

Examples: You can do multiple searches by separating your queries with a colon(:), a semi-colon(;), or a comma(,).

pidgey,rattata – Returns all Pidgey, Rattata, and other Pokemon with the indicated name

cp10,147 – Returns all 10 CP Pokemon and all of your Dratini.


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